About Us

MeklucTech is a leading Hi–Tech product supplier that provides Global Technology to the Local and International markets. We offer Electronic and Digital Technology at the most competitive prices. Our growing range of products include a variety of Digital Tracking Devices.
With our slogan being “Experience Tomorrow Today”

Our goal is : Simply to provide The Freedom to have Peace of Mind of New Encounters in Securing The World. It is the ability to connect you to what you thought was technically impossible. In this fast paced world, we want faster, efficient, sustainable and innovative products that don’t just make life easy but make the impossible possible.

We are determined to create, supply and innovate products that give you experiences, adventure and make dreams come true.

We pride ourselves in offering you high quality products at the most competitive prices.

Our services are not limited to sourcing the best in innovative electronics but also to offer one of a kind customer service by supporting each and every client during and after purchase processes.


Resonating with the revolutionary changes taking place in the digital industry, MeklucTech is continuously innovating to meet customer needs and advance our technological products. We openly cooperate with customers and other suppliers to continuously create value for our customers and the market. Based on these value propositions, MeklucTech is dedicated to enriching life and improving efficiency through a better digital world. In addition, we strive to be the first choice and best partner for Tracking devices and better lifestyle seeking customers while becoming a brand of choice among consumers.


Driven by customer needs, we passionately pursue customer-centric innovations in an open manner. We believe that business success is the ultimate measure of value for any technology, product, and solution or process improvement.